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WebControl S CarbonFiber

  • Surface inspection
  • Web material

The market leader amongst quality control systems for large-series CFRP production! WebControl S CarbonFiber combines technological know-how and innovation. Complex image processing and pattern recognition algorithms allow the system to inspect the surface structure of carbon-fiber webs for warp knitting defects, inhomogeneous powder application, improper gap width and degree of sintering, and more, ensuring that every coil fully meets the customer’s specifications.

Industry-specific products

  • Carbon fiber webs for car bodies and other vehicle parts
  • Carbon fiber roving (thread analysis)
  • Glass fiber reinforced composite webs
  • Aramid fiber reinforced composite webs
  • Preforms for automotive construction
  • and many more

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduces production costs
  • Increases product quality and output
  • Automated and more efficient processes
  • Increases process stability and repeatability
  • Interlinking of Big Data - Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Saves resources and investment capital
  • Scalable technology – Made in Germany

Highlights of WebControl S CarbonFiber

  • Fehler_Karbon.jpg
    Weaving defect
  • Fehler_Karbongelege_Faeden.jpg
    Missing thread
  • Fehler_Karbongelege_Webgasse.jpg
    Improper weaving gap

Detectable defects and deviations

Thanks to the sophisticated framework software architecture, it is possible to map the complex web structure while detecting defects typical of carbon fiber material, such as weaving and warp knitting defects, improper gap widths, inhomogeneous powder application, etc. Refined algorithms even take into account the specific reflection angle of the material to make flaws like flints, broken filaments or deviations in the fiber structure visible.

Optional system modules

Defect Density Management (DDM)

Not every defect automatically means that a product is “out of spec”. In many cases, a certain number of smaller defects on a defined length of the product is tolerable. The DDM (Defect Density Management) module allows you to define - by simple sets of rules - defect densities and defect sizes that shall be considered as still acceptable.

Dynamic surface adaption

This module is a highly valuable asset, as it automatically adapts the system to the surface structure of the web: It makes it unnecessary for the operator to constantly make manual adaptations to the detection thresholds. Thus a reliable inspection process is guaranteed.

RFID Technology

With innovative RFID technology it is possible to assign the quality data generated by the inspection systems to individual lots, coils, etc. This improves and streamlines your automation processes and makes them autonomous – a key feature of Industry 4.0.

Technical data WebControl S CarbonFiber

Measured objectCFRP webs
Measuring fieldfrom 20 to 3.500 mm or more
Resolution≥ 10 μm
Measuring accuracy< 10 μm (0,01 % of the field of view)
Line speed≤ 20 m/min
Camera moduleGigE CMOS cameras
LightingHigh-capacity LED line lighting segment
Unit size (mm)depending on application
Other specificationsSee data sheet (pdf)

Standard version! - Other features on request.

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