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ProfilControl 7 S MedicTube

  • Surface inspection
  • Med. tube/cable

Inspection of medical tubing, tubes, pipes and cables to clean room specifications with ultimate precision and reliability.

Using specialist multi-camera sensors, the system inspects ultra-thin tubes down to 0.5 mm in diameter. It detects flaws such as holes, cracks, inclusions or inhomogeneities in the tube material, as early as during the production process, making manufacturing significantly safer and more efficient.

Industry-specific products

  • Ultra-thin capillary tubing
  • Shape-retaining tracheal and endotracheal tubes
  • Clean room approved cables
  • Micro tubing and cannulas
  • and many more

Your benefits at a glance

  • Provides maximum safety in terms of product quality under clean room conditions
  • Increased output and reduces process costs
  • Automated and more efficient processes
  • Increases process stability and repeatability
  • Interlinking of Big Data - Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Saves resources and investment capital
  • Scalable technology - Made in Germany

Highlights of ProfilControl 7 S MedicTube

  • Fehler_Riss_med-Schlauch.jpg
    Fissures in tubing
  • Fehler_Blase_Tube.jpg
  • Fehler_Fleck_Rohr.jpg
    Contaminations in the tube material

Detectable defects and deviations

Specially developed lighting elements ensure that the measuring field is extremely homogeneously lit, allowing the camera sensors to even capture and process invisible and difficult-to-detect irregularities and defects - for example, pores, fissures, foreign particles, inclusions or inhomogeneities.

Optional system modules

Defect Density Management (DDM)

Not every defect automatically means that a product is “out of spec”. In many cases, a certain number of smaller defects on a defined length of the product is tolerable. The DDM (Defect Density Management) module allows you to define - by simple sets of rules - defect densities and defect sizes that shall be considered as still acceptable.

Pattern recognition

With the new integrated pattern-detection feature, ProfilControl 7 systems now also identify structures inside the tubing material, such as spirals embedded in, for example, semi-transparent, shape-retaining tubes for endotracheal suctioning. The module checks the shape of the spirals and triggers an alarm as soon as any deviations are identified.

Lumen detection

Often, medical tubing has to be produced with different lumens. A special lumen detection feature assures the quality and detects any deviations from the specifications of transparent or opaque tubing products. Here, ProfilControl 7 S Medictube provides maximum safety.

Technical Data ProfilControl 7 S MedicTube

Measured objectMedical tubing/tubes/cables made of rubber, plastics or metal
Measuring field90 mm Durchmesser FOV
Resolution≥ 10 µm
Camera module8 CMOS cameras
LightingIntegrated high-capacity LED light ring
Unit size (mm)2250 (H)  x 590 (B) x 1150 (T)
Other specificationsSee data sheet (pdf)

Standard version! - Other features on request.

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