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Our system lines - modular, scalable, tailor-made.

It’s time to think in new categories: growing networking of data, flexible production plants, many different variants of a product or great quantities ... We take the new requirements and dynamics of industrial production as a chance. Therefore we have developed a range of entirely new modular, scalable and form-fit concepts for out-of-the-box or tailor-made industrial plants. We can offer customized solutions for any requirements. Our systems are high-performing, efficient and modularized straight to the point to support our customers in the best way possible and with a focus on the essential.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs:

Building on several decades of experience, we can offer you best-fit solutions. Our modular systems can be configured to provide exactly what our customers need: A high-capacity system or one that is reduced to the essential? Out-of-the-box or tailor-made? For profiles or hoses? Or, ideally, for both. For surface inspection only, or occasionally also for measuring tasks? You can be sure to get the most effective combination for your inspection needs:

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Controlling the production line

Pixargus system can do much more than inline quality inspection.  As an option, all systems can be configured, upgraded and implemented for any customary communication platform or interfaces, such as OPC UA, ProfiNet and many more. In such a configuration, our systems control upstream and/or downstream components of the production line based on automatically acquired measurement data. In this way, they streamline the production process – according to our mission: Automation by Vision!

Factory Manager

Keep track of everything at all times: With our Factory Manager suite, you always know how your systems are doing, and you can access them remotely at any time. A clearly structured Windows-based HMI allows you to conveniently navigate between specific displays and general views.  You can access the statistics of all systems at any place or time. And, should there be a system alarm, the Factory Manager will send you a message, for example, by email. There is no more efficient way to control your production line.

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