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  • We present every defect
    in the proper light.

    100 % surface inspection.
    100 % dimension measurement.

  • Your visions
    may already be our reality.

     Perfect inline inspection
    “Made in Germany”.

  • Ready for Industry 4.0

    Interlinked measuring systems
    in your manufacturing line.

  • Our technology
    serves the people.

    quality assurance
    for the most delicate.

  • Smaller.

    Welcome to the 7th system generation

Optical inspection systems for quality that shows!

Pixargus offers an unparalleled range of turnkey inline systems for surface inspection and dimension measurement. This has made the company a world leader in automative quality control.

Our measuring and testing systems detect smallest defects and material deviations of extruded rubber profiles, cables, tubing, tubes or pipes, as well as plastic foils and webs of metal, textile, paper or fiber composites. We also check your raw materials in an automated inspection process – to ensure that your production runs smoothly from the very beginning.

Optimize your quality management with our optical defect detection systems, measure your products inline during running production or use our systems to inspect single pieces.



WebControl S CarbonFiber - Deep insight into composite materials

At JEC WORLD PIXARGUS presents its comprehensive know-how of quality and process control in the manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composites. Visit us...

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Breakthrough for the big ones: Inspection of XXL profiles/tubes

New inspection system of the ProfilControl 7 series checks surface and shape of large coated profiles and tubes in one measurement.

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WebControl Surface – tops the human eye!

The new generation of WebControl Surface detects surface defects also in foils and technological web material with highly complex textures.

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Smart quality assurance – detection of smallest defects based on the most comprehensive of data structures

No matter how specialized and demanding your application and requirements are, we adapt our systems flexibly to your specific needs. Whether automotive components, cable manufacturing, health care products, consumer goods, whether extrusion or steel production - with its machine vision systems for 100% surface inspection and dimension measurement, Pixargus provides a tailor-made inline inspection solution for any application. Thus you save resources, ensure utmost quality and secure your success.


Inline inspection and versatility of application in the automotive sector guarantee economy, efficient use of resources and high quality.


Profile or surface, compounds or webs. Guaranteed safety and quality for high-end materials.

Construction & Infrastructure

In facility and energy management applications, effective surface and profile inspection means fast ROI.


Ultra-precise inspection in the μm range for medical engineering products and high-end technology for clean room applications.

Consumer goods

Quality control for input materials and/or final products as diverse as smartphones, carton packages for milk, IT, food items, etc.

All sectors

Webs, profiles, tubes, cables or single piece inspection - Browse our full range of products and select according to your needs.