Insert, start, go: AllRounDia DualVision – the multi-talent for the inspection of round long products

The small-budget AllRounDia DualVision system from PIXARGUS continuously checks the contours and surfaces of hoses, tubes and cables - around the products’ complete circumference and along their complete length. This affordable multi-talent has been tested on a wide range of standard applications, is extremely user-friendly and – as a truly Plug-and-Play system – ready to start in virtually no time. In other words: 100% defect control.

Extrusion processes are increasingly tightly timed, and the constantly growing number of product variations calls for more flexibility in production and less time needed for line resets. The current supply chain pressure, and the scarcity and rising prices of raw materials do not make life easy for extrusion companies. Inspection and measurement technology specialist PIXARGUS supplies low-priced, standard systems that combine quality and economy. In extrusion lines, PIXARGUS systems require only minimum setup times, and their operation is easy and intuitive.

Ready for the job in 10 minutes

The AllRounDia DualVision system is based on PIXARGUS’ successful and proven ProfilControl-7 technology. It has been adapted and further optimized for the measurement of plain round shapes. The result is a high-performance small-budget system for round long products that requires almost no setup effort, not even for the illumination or the cameras’ viewing angles – a truly self-adjusting system with straightforward functionality and inspection straight to the point.

For all standard uses

PIXARGUS performed tests and analyses with the AllRounDia DualVision in its laboratory, using specimens from a wide range of products. Usually, no adjustments have to be made to the system before use. For customers interested in the system, PIXARGUS performs quick specimen tests. The AllRounDia DualVision is delivered ex works with the product data already configured to speed up the commissioning process for the service technician at the customer’s facility.

100% defect control

AllRounDia DualVision checks the contours and surfaces of round long products. It handles all colours and all surfaces, matt or glossy, and even surfaces of translucent and semi-transparent tubes with ease. A newly developed lighting concept ensures that the field of vision and the measuring field are always perfectly lit. Thus, even difficult to detect irregularities and flaws in the material, such as fissures, inclusions, flecks and other high-contrast defects from a size of 0.5 mm, are reliably detected.

Efficient material use and cost-efficient processes

AllRounDia DualVision runs on Windows. It can be easily networked with the components of the extrusion line, assuring permanent access to the quality data from the extrusion process. Thus, the system recognizes the defects in real time. Defective products can be immediately sorted out. In addition to this, process parameters provided by the software can be analyzed over time and related to one another. Thus, machine settings can be optimized and recipes refined.

Compact design and intuitive operation

The system comes with a clearly structured, intuitive HMI. It can be operated either directly with the system’s 10-inch touch screen or using a mobile tablet PC. Designed for the inspection of round long products of up to 40 mm in diameter, this outstandingly compact “allrounder” is available as a stand-alone unit or mounted on a stand base.

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IMG 1: Insert, start, go: The AllRounDia DualVision system from PIXARGUS is immediately ready to the job, requiring almost no setup effort. A system that adjusts itself, including the illumination and the cameras’ viewing angles.
IMG 2: 100% defect control: AllRounDia DualVision checks the contours and surfaces of round long products. It handles all colours and surfaces - matt or glossy – with ease.