25 years of know-how in quality control of profiles, sealings, tubes, hoses and cables

Welcome to the 7th system generation of our measuring and testing systems

The new system generation ProfilControl 7 sets new benchmarks in automated inline surface inspection of extruded profiles, sealings, tubes, hoses and cables during running production: For the first time several measuring and testing tasks can be performed simultaneously thanks to the innovative PIXARGUS Dual-Vision multi-camera sensors!


The system generation ProfilControl 7 has been designed to make best use of “Big Data” in order to optimize the control and enhance the transparency of the process. Ready for Industry 4.0!

The system sends the acquired quality data to virtually all freely definable physical and logic interfaces. Thus the quality data can be used to implement downstream processes such as marking and sorting out or grading by quality features.

An absolute highlight is the technological features of ProfilControl 7 DualVision: 100% surface inspection and 360° dimension measurement can either be performed at the same time or separately as individual modules.

Repetitive defects can be avoided at line speeds even as high as 300 m/min. This saves costs and resources.

The newly developed Pixargus HMI with new and enhanced graphical display functions can be used even more intuitively: the multi-touch functionality allows the operator to move objects across the screen and zoom in and out by two-finger gestures – most easily and comfortably!


Added value through a maximum of flexibility! ProfilControl 7 can be in operation during the entire production campaign or just during the line start. Thanks to the innovative sensor head, which is easily opened with just one hand, the system can be flexibly moved into or out of the line during running production and/or shared between various lines.


ProfilControl 7 DualVision system has only half the footprint of its predecessor and makes the purchase of a second system for the line superfluous!

The new Pixargus sensor head can be scaled up – as required - to up to 8 camera sensors within one compact system.

Thanks to its compact, sturdy, yet light-weight design, ProfilControl 7 easily copes with the harshest of field conditions. As a matter of course, it’s ’Made in Germany’.

In order to optimally cover every inspection task, numerous optional modules are available to add further features to ProfilControl 7.


The new ProfilControl 7 software demonstrates how intelligent “machine vision” works.

The innovative MultiArea scanning technology now allows asmany fields of view as desired to be set per camera. Thus various different inspection tasks can be performed in parallel. This takes data precision and defect analysis performance to the next level.

The new lighting system with integrated light ring ensures that the measuring field is extremely homogeneously lit, allowing the camera sensors to even capture and process hardly visible or difficult-to-detect irregularities and defects - for example, specks, pores, scratches, blisters, fissures or grooves.

With the modularly scalable system, the software can be flexibly adapted to any application. Whether the intelligent hole and flock inspection, which can be activated as required; the coating check function for window profiles; the feature for variable extrusion as used to make trims, or the Defect Density Management (DDM) ... numerous other modules are available to customize the system application as desired!

With the new AutoFocus, the production line can be set up even faster than before. Production loss at the line start is minimized, as the parameters can be quickly and highly intuitively set via the MultiTouch screen. This saves additional costs.

What we measure

Surface & dimensions

Inspection may be limited to the surface of a product and/or comprise the measurement of a product’s complete dimensions around its circumference (geometry, contour, diameter etc). You can define defect types and specific tolerance ranges.

Profiles & tubes/cables

When it comes to extrusion products, we differentiate between various complexities of “profiles”, from simple to highly complex. Under “tubing/cables”, we summarize all round “endless” products, including hoses, tubes, pipes, etc.

Webs, compounds & single pieces

Our inline inspection systems can also handle webs and compounds. Inline inspection of single pieces will be individually adapted to your specific production process – of course, in the line!