100% surface inspection with ProfilControl 7 Surface

In production lines for profiles, tubes, hoses, pipes or cables made of plastics, rubber or metal, it is essential that the surface and the shape of the products are continuously measured and monitored.

The ProfilControl 7 surface inspection system provides non-contact and uninterrupted quality control of long products in continuous production lines. No matter how complex the shape of a product, the system measures extruded profiles, tubes, hoses and cables gaplessly and through 360 degrees. It does not miss any concealed flaws or difficult-to-identify defects such as specks, pores, scratches, blisters, fissures or grooves. Also the quality of flocking, the roughness of profile surfaces or the position of drill holes can be reliably inspected.

The system uses up to eight high-capacity multi-camera sensors as standard, arranged around the circumference of the profile. This means that any – however small – angle of the extruded product can be reliably captured. Even extremely complex profile shapes, such as sealing profiles for the automotive industry, can be scanned and inspected with unparalleled precision.

Let's have a closer look at how the surface inspection process works. The product runs through the sensor head. As soon as the system detects a defect, it indicates it on a graphic display and triggers a signal for downstream systems such as marking, sawing or sorting equipment - guaranteeing that only product fully compliant with the specifications is shipped to the customers.

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