Pixargus: Fast, precise and reliable ovality and diameter measurement during running production

In extrusion lines for hoses and tubes it is extremely important to optimizing the use of material. Therefore, the possibility to measure the ovality and diameter of the products inline has become an indispensible requirement.

With more than 20 years of experience in image processing technology and more than 700 systems installed worldwide, PIXARGUS offers high-end optical measuring and inspection systems for producers wishing to measure the quality of their products with greatest precision, highest repetition accuracy and within tightest tolerances. Whether wire, cable, tubes, hoses or other products – PIXARGUS offers a full line of highly reliable solutions for every accuracy requirement. Especially in ovality and diameter measurement, demands are extremely exacting.

In addition to its bestseller ProfilControl 7 Tube for simultaneous surface inspection and dimension measurement of round products, Pixargus also launched a compact, downsized system: AllRounDia DualVision is the first small-budget gauge that measures both surfaces as well as contours, ovality and diameter of tubes, hoses and cables - simultaneously and gaplessly!  This two-in-one system of extremely compact design measures and inspects with a 100% defect detection rate.

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