The new downsized series for surface inspection and geometry measurement of profiles.

Compact. High performing. Reduced to the max.

With iProfilControl, PIXARGUS offers its proven technology for surface inspection and geometry measurement in a cost-optimized series of downsized models. As specialists in measuring technology, we have adapted the system capacity, the range of functions and the hardware to the specific requirements of the process – maximizing efficiency by purpose-tailoring the equipment. Also regarding the price this series can score points.

The low-priced multi-talent.

The new downsized solution for automatic inline dimension measurement and surface inspection of profiles.

ipc_Zeichenfläche 3

Based on our proven PC7 inspection technology
Suitable for all extrusion processes – single and multiple.

Also as all-in-one
One inspection system instead of two, thanks to PIXARGUS’ unique DualVision technology (optional)

Up to 8 sensors
– comparable systems have a maximum of 6 cameras. 100% inspection also of highly complex profiles!

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Ready for Industry 4.0
Available with standard interfaces and with OPC UA standard.

Reduced to the max.

iProfilControl – designed to require very little space at the production line, making the system extremely easy to integrate into the machine layout.

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Compact desk-top system – Ready to run!
With integrated computing unit. No need for an electrical cabinet!

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Remote control
via tablet, notebook or networked PC.

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Hinged cover of the sensor head
instead of the usual C-type slot. No unwanted exterior light effects!

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Stainless steel casing
– despite cost optimization! Sturdy design able to cope with everyday 24/7 production.

Your added value: a system scalable to your needs

Whether designed as an entry-level system or as a system for complex extrusion processes – iProfilControl always provides efficiency for the essential.

Our basic systems, iProfilControl, can be fitted with 4, 6 or 8 cameras to meet your specific process requirements.

You are still at the beginning of your investments in automatic quality inspection equipment? Then our 4-camera systems provide you with the ideal starting basis.

You are planning to upscale step by step and retrofit your system at a later stage? No problem. Our systems grow with your requirements. They can be retrofitted to 6 or even 8 cameras to cope just as reliably with the more complex inspection or measuring tasks.

Even when used at maximum system rating, the design and function of our basic systems are optimized to provide you with a distinct advantage in terms of cost efficiency.

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What iProfil measures


iProfilControl Surface ensures 100 % inspection of all visible surfaces. Even profiles with edges and various different angles can be inspected 100% thanks to the possibility of using up to 8 cameras. The system detects scratches, bubbles, cracks, grooves, etc. as well as non-topographic defects such as colour deviation, markings etc.


iProfilControl Dimension projects a straight, extremely sharp laser light line onto the product, so that contour, distances, angles, radii, etc of any profile geometry, no matter how complex, are captured in a matter of seconds and compared with the nominal profile data in the CAD system.

Surface & dimensions

The all-in-one multi-talent - for maximum cost efficiency: iProfilControl DualVision combines in one sensor head surface inspection and geometry measurement within one cost-optimized, compact system.