WebControl: Continuous web surface inspection of sheets, film, foil, paper, composite fabrics and non-woven materials

Webs, fabrics and fleece material have become high-tech products. They come in materials as diverse as paper, plastics or composites. With the functionalities of web products becoming more and more comprehensive, quality assurance has gained dramatically in importance.

PIXARGUS offers a wide range of solutions for web surface inspection: for detecting deviations and defects and for measuring features of film and foils, textile web products, fleece materials, paper, fiber-reinforced composites, etc.

The new generation of WebControl Surface detects surface defects also in foils and technological web material of highly complex textures.  At an impressively high speed and performance, and with 100% reliability, the system detects most minute irregularities such as weaving and loop defects, fiber knots, cracks, scratches, holes, etc ... This minimizes waste and guarantees that only perfectly flawless material is further processed.

Web surface inspection systems – for woven and non-woven materials -  are, for example, applied to control the quality of interior lining in cars, filter fleece in air conditioning systems, CFRP products/composite fabrics for lightweight construction, foils for panes, metal fabrics for exhaust filters, webs for medical uses, coated packaging material for the food stuff industry, carpets, laminate flooring, etc.

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