360-degree dimension measurement with ProfilControl 7 DX

With sophisticated algorithms and high-performance optics, ProfilControl 7 DX captures profile geometries of simply to very high complexity, measuring features such as angles, radii, widths and heights and other entities and combinations thereof gaplessly and in real time. The dimension measurement system instantly indicates any deviation, however small, from the reference profile, allowing the manufacturing process to be optimally controlled at all times.

The newly developed, unique laser/shadowing technology provides outstanding measuring accuracies and results. The system projects a straight, extremely sharp laser light line onto the product, the entire circumference of which is continuously inspected by up to eight high-capacity CMOS cameras. This allows even difficult-to-view segments of the profile to be scanned and measured by the camera sensors. PIXARGUS' dimension measurement systems achieve accuracies better than +/-10 μm. If special applications require so, the system can be set to achieve even superior accuracies. This is high-end dimension measurement!

Controlling and setting the parameters is extremely easy and user-friendly. Reference contours are defined in an editor via a touch screen. The display of results is color-coded. Green indicates that the measured value is within tolerance, yellow warns that production is getting close to a tolerance limit and red signals out-of-spec production. Thus the operators see at a glance when the process starts to deviate, allowing them to take immediate corrective measures as required.

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