With unique machine vision technology from a start-up to a global player

PIXARGUS was founded in 1999 as a start-up. The company was set up in Aachen, which is one of Germany’s leading tech hubs. We have specialized in systems for automated surface inspection and dimension measurement of continuously produced long products such as profiles, tubing, tubes, webs and cables in a wide range of materials as well as for single parts inspection. All our systems feature our proprietary, high-performance machine vision technology.

Today, PIXARGUS systems are in use 24/7 in manufacturing operations in the automotive, health care, building and infrastructure as well as consumer goods sectors. Every day, year in and out, the world’s leading manufacturers of extruded products rely on the excellent performance of inline surface inspection and optical measuring systems from PIXARGUS.

The systems inspect sealing profiles and hoses, tubes, catheters, cables or window frame profiles, compounds made of TPE and rubber, and highly complex textures of foils and technological webs.

The international automotive industry, virtually all major manufacturers of automotive rubber and TPE profiles, use PIXARGUS systems in quality assurance and for optimizing the use of resources. A few years ago, we started to diversify into the carbon composites and fiber market. Here, PIXARGUS inline systems inspect and measure webs and sheet products made of carbon composites as well as carbon fiber roving. Also in medical engineering, PIXARGUS has set new standards in inline quality inspection of tubing – to clean room specifications!

PIXARGUS’ real-time image processing technology also formed the basis for the foundation of GoalControl GmbH and the goal-line technology of the same name, which proved highly successful in practice during the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

PIXARGUS is headquartered and has its production facilities in Würselen near Aachen, Germany. The company is active worldwide through its US branch and several international representations.


In just a few years, PIXARGUS has evolved from a three-man start-up into a leading technology provider, whose image processing systems have become indispensible assets in the process chains of world-leading manufacturers of high-tech components.