Affordable and ready to start in virtually no time: The new downsized systems from PIXARGUS.

Measuring technology specialist PIXARGUS is notable especially as a supplier of high-end solutions for technologically challenging quality inspection tasks. Now, PIXARGUS is setting a strong foot also in the lower-budget segment. The magic word here is: downsizing. Head of Sales, Michael Frohn, summarizes: “We offer high performance at an affordable price.”

The new downsized systems have become available just at the right time. The plastics industry, like many other sectors, has been feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year, with markets becoming increasingly hesitant. Now, flexible and efficient solutions are needed – solutions that achieve maximum effects on your production while sparing low budgets. This is where the smart inspection systems AllRoundia DualVision (DV) for round products and iProfilControl for profiles come in.

While being very compact, these new PIXARGUS systems are able to adjust themselves – virtually without operator intervention – to the inspection task on hand. The systems have been designed to be ready to start with only minimum set-up effort in any production environment. They can be easily integrated into a line and swiftly switched between lines, thanks to the minimum resetting effort required – two benefits which we placed special emphasis on in the design of the systems. The technology is based on that of their bigger brother, ProfilControl 7, which scores with its innovative LED and sensor technology and its unique multi-area functionality. PIXARGUS promises high performance at an affordable price. AllRounDia DV, for example, is available from only 20,000 Euros.

Even today, PIXARGUS designs its inspection systems with a view to intuitive user-friendliness and easy digital networkability within the production process. But this is no reason for the PIXARGUS team to rest on their laurels. “Our goal is Plug & Play”, adds Michael Frohn. He holds out the prospect that, not too far into the future, their systems will be able to be commissioned without the support of a technician.

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IMG 1: iProfilControl: Efficiency where it’s really essential! The iProfilControl system uses the same proven inspection technology as its bigger brother, ProfilControl 7, but is much smaller in size. This makes the integration of the system into production lines even more convenient.
IMG 2: Smaller in size, more flexibility, and ready to start in almost no time: AllRounDia DualVision from PIXARGUS – the first ever system performing complete 360° contour measurements and surface inspection of round product in a single unit.
IMG 3: iProfilControl inspects the geometry and surface of simple and even highly complex profiles in a matter of seconds. The hinged arrangement of the sensor head guarantees that the measurement is not influenced by any parasitic light effects