Now for all colours and for matt and glossy surfaces – PIXARGUS launches next generation of its AllRounDia DualVision system

Measuring technology specialist PIXARGUS has enhanced its small-budget system for round products – AllRounDia DualVision – with a major upgrade. This two-in-one inspection system, designed to measure both the entire surfaces and contours of hoses, tubes and cables continuously and through 360°, has been fitted with a newly developed light ring and a new lighting concept. With these new advanced features, the system is now also able to measure and inspect glossy round products and translucent, semi-transparent hoses.

The new-generation system comes in a slightly different look – for a good reason: Instead of the open light ring that gave the earlier system its typical omega shape, it now has a completely enclosed illumination field. Some of the interior components have also been modified: The LED arrays in the measuring head, for example, have been fitted with new diffuser material to optimize light diffusion.

New lighting concept

The system uses a new, fundamentally modified lighting concept. “With the new concept, we achieve a very homogeneous illumination of the measuring field and a significantly better light yield,” explains the project engineer responsible at PIXARGUS for the technological upgrade of the system. The roughness parameters that determine the contrast and level of detail for the sensors can be adjusted much more finely. “The system’s settings can be made with a sensitivity of 99.9%, no matter whether we are inspecting white, yellow, green, red, transparent, matt or glossy surfaces.” The optimized inspection and measuring software eliminates all interfering reflections.

Combined or separate use of surface inspection and dimension measurement

The underlying measuring technology has also been upgraded. While the previous systems could only perform dimension measurement and surface inspection in parallel, the upgraded system provides the option to switch the geometry measuring module on and off, as desired.

Display of defects magnified with a swipe

A further enhancement of the new AllRounDia DualVision generation is its more comfortable integrated HMI. While the HMI of the earlier systems were only able to show the dimensional and surface-related information next to each other on the 10-inch screen, it is now also possible to display the information separately. The operator can call up specific views, such as certain surface areas, with simple navigation gestures. Thus, defect images can be magnified on the display virtually with a swipe of your finger.

Validated for a wide product range - for more plug and play capability

By analyzing existing reference samples and previous customer specimens, in particular specimens with glossy surfaces, PIXARGUS has put the new AllRounDia DualVision generation on a well validated basis for a very wide range of products.

With obvious success: “When we receive a request from a customer now, all we need to do is perform a quick sample check. In more than 90% of the cases, we can sell the system ‘off the shelf’,” says PIXARGUS Sales Manager Michael Frohn. For a wide range of materials, the product data are preconfigured ex works. Hence, commissioning at the customer’s site takes just one day as a rule.  The PIXARGUS team is very happy about this result: “With our upgraded system, we have created a new standard for plug and play.” Several commissionings at our customers’ sites have shown that it works.


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IMG 1: A new lighting concept: The next-generation AllRounDia DualVision system from PIXARGUS feature a closed illumination field. This provides more homogeneous lighting and, as a result, an even better light yield than before. Therefore, surface inspection of glossy round products or translucent and semi-transparent hoses is no longer a problem.
IMG 2: Quick set-up thanks to plug and play: The upgraded version of AllRounDia DualVision is validated for analysis of an extended range of products. The systems are supplied ex works with data preconfigured for numerous products and materials. The data can be called up via the product selection menu on the display.
IMG 3: A mobile auto-calibration kit for quick recalibration in between: If the system requires recalibration, the operator can perform this with minimum effort via the software program using the auto-calibration kit that we have developed specifically for our AllRounDia DualVision systems. Thus, our customers no longer depend on fixed calibration intervals that may interfere with the production process. It cannot be made easier than this!
IMG 4: Get the information you need – with a swipe: Dimension and surface information can now also be called up separately. It is possible, for example, to select views of certain surface areas and magnify defect images virtually with a swipe of your finger.