Quality control at its best: PIXARGUS provides upgrades for three of its bestselling products

Right on time to be shown at the K trade fair, PIXARGUS has launched powerful upgrades to three of its inspection systems. The new-generation AllRounDia DualVision system now also measures and inspects glossy round products and translucent, semi-transparent hoses. The surface inspection capability of the down-sized iProfilControl series has been enhanced to include large profiles of up to 250 mm. Last but not least, ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube: This inline inspection system has been upgraded to further reduce the handling effort of quality inspection in corrugated tube production. The magic word is “process-adapted quality control”.

Extrusion processes are increasingly tightly timed, and the constantly growing number of product variations calls for more flexibility in production and less time needed for line resets. The current supply chain pressure, and the scarcity and rising prices of raw materials do not make life easy for extrusion companies. With its powerful systems upgrades, PIXARGUS combines higher flexibility with maximum inspection performance at attractive costs, resulting in reduced handling effort at the extrusion line and increased production rates. High availability of the system is ensured because, thanks to farsighted strategic sourcing of critical components, all inspection systems can be supplied ex works at short notice. Thus, customers can rely on PIXARGUS’ supply ability for all of its systems.


The new AllRounDia DualVision generation: Now for all colours and for matt and glossy surfaces

Fitted with a newly developed light ring and a new lighting concept, this two-in-one inspection system is now also able to measure and inspect glossy round products and translucent, semi-transparent hoses.

The new AllRounDia DualVision generation comes in a slightly different look – for a good reason: Instead of the open light ring that gave the earlier system its typical omega shape, it now has a completely enclosed illumination field. Some of the interior components have also been modified: The LED arrays in the sensor unit, for example, have been fitted with new diffuser material to optimize light diffusion. The underlying measuring technology has also been upgraded: The upgraded two-in-one system now provides the option to switch the geometry measuring module on and off, as desired.

New lighting concept

The system uses a new, fundamentally modified lighting concept. The highly homogeneous illumination field improves the light yield. The roughness parameters that determine the contrast and level of detail for the sensors can be adjusted much more finely. The system’s settings can be made with a sensitivity of 99.9%. Thus, the system can inspect any sort of surface, no matter whether it is white, yellow, green, red, transparent, matt or glossy. The optimized inspection and measuring software eliminates all interfering reflections.

Validated for a wide product range – for more plug and play capability

By analyzing existing reference samples and previous customer specimens, in particular specimens with glossy surfaces, PIXARGUS has put the new AllRounDia DualVision generation on a well validated basis for a wide range of products. For many materials, the product data are preconfigured ex works. Hence, commissioning at the customer’s site takes just one day as a rule.  Thus, AllRounDia DualVision is ready to its job at the extrusion line in even less time than before.


 iProfilControl: Now also for inspecting profiles with diameters of up to 250 mm

PIXARGUS’ successful downsized iProfilControl series is now also available in a version for larger product dimensions. The system comes with a new interior design of the sensor unit that makes for even better measuring stability and more ease of handling.

Optimized in terms of design and performance, the downsized models of the compact iProfilControl series, which is based on PIXARGUS’ successful ProfilControl7 technology, can now also inspect profiles of large dimensions. PIXARGUS is the first, and currently the only, supplier on the market to offer a sensor unit able to inspect the surface of profiles with diameters of up to 250 mm. A newly developed calibration method guarantees a consistently high measuring accuracy throughout this extensive dimension range.

New locking mechanism

The hinged design of the sensor has proved to be an important and, in many cases, essential function of the measuring system. It makes profile threading at the line easy and convenient. Thanks to a new mechanism, the sensor unit now locks even more safely and reliably. This further enhances accuracy and stability of the dimension measurement. 

Newly designed lighting elements

Perfect illumination is the beating heart of the inspection system. The camera elements, shaped as porthole windows, and the laser windows of the redesigned system version can be cleaned faster and more conveniently. Individual panes can be easily replaced, if necessary.

Water drain for the sensor unit

At the beginning of the extrusion process, certain profile types may carry residual water. To avoid stagnant moisture, PIXARGUS now also offers iProfilControl with a water drain.

Ready for Industry 4.0

In addition to standard interfaces, iProfilControl is also available with OPC UA standard. In this way, the smart compact inspection system can be integrated into complete, closed control loops.

iProfilControl is available in three standard designs: FOV of 90/170/250 mm diameter.



ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube: More flexible surface inspection in corrugated tube production

With the ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube inline inspection system, PIXARGUS reduces the handling effort of quality inspection in corrugated tube production. The magic word is “process-adapted quality control”.

In corrugated tube extrusion, inspection systems not only have to deal with alternating sections of corrugated and plane structures. Certain tube sections may require other inspection modes. Or, the corrugator may engrave features into the extruded product that must not be detected as defects. For this, ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube now offers special algorithms that take automation in quality inspection to a new level. “It is our aim to supply systems that ideally work without any setting up to be performed by the operator,” says Jürgen Philipps, Managing Director and Head of Technological Development at PIXARGUS.

Software that adapts to different inspection tasks along corrugated tubes

In addition to their characteristic corrugations, corrugated tubing may consist of periodically recurring sections with features that require special inspection. Automotive customers may order sets of different corrugated tubes, for example, for the assembly of engine blocks. It is possible to produce these sets of tubing in a corrugator line as a continuous product. A new, special algorithm of the inspection software is now able to automatically recognize where one of the tubes within a set ends and the next one starts. If for one or several of the tube sections different inspection tasks apply, the algorithm ensures that the correct inspection parameters are used in each individual case.

Engraving Acceptance software distinguishes between desired and accidental markings

Corrugator dies can engrave symbols, numbers, letters and other markings into the product. To ensure that these engraved features are not detected as defects, the inspection system has to be able to recognize them as desired engravings. Also for this task, the upgrade to the ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube software includes a new algorithm that automatically recognizes and accepts these engravings as a desired feature. This makes for additional ease of handling for the operator.


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IMG 1: Everything at a glance: The next-generation AllRounDia DualVision system from PIXARGUS has a closed illumination field and a new lighting concept. These new features provide more homogeneous lighting and, as a result, an even better light yield than before. Therefore, surface inspection of glossy round products or translucent and semi-transparent hoses is no longer a problem.
IMG 2: Quick set-up thanks to plug and play: AllRounDia DualVision is validated for analysis of an extended range of products. For many materials, the product data are preconfigured ex works and can be called up via the product selection menu on the display.
IMG 3: A mobile auto-calibration kit for quick recalibration in between. If the system requires recalibration, the operator can perform this with minimum effort via the software program using the auto-calibration kit developed specifically for AllRounDia DualVision systems. Thus, operators no longer depend on fixed calibration intervals that may interfere with the production process. It cannot be made easier than this!
IMG 1: Now also for large profiles: The cost-optimized downsized systems of the compact iProfilControl series - based on PIXARGUS’ successful ProfilControl7 technology - inspects the surfaces of large profiles of up to 250 mm.
IMG 2: With its new locking mechanism, the sensor unit now locks even more safely and reliably. This further enhances accuracy and stability of the dimension measurement.
IMG 3: Redesigned inspection window elements: The camera and laser windows shaped as porthole windows can be faster and more conveniently cleaned. The panes can be easily replaced, if necessary.
IMG 1: ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube offers special algorithms to advance automation in quality inspection. The inspection system recognizes surface defects and the beginning and end of individual product sections.
IMG 2: Surface inspection of corrugated tubes used to be extremely difficult terrain for quality control. Inspection systems have to deal not only with alternating sections of corrugated and plane structures, but also with tube sections that require different inspection modes. The new upgrade to the ProfilControl 7 CorrugatedTube software now accomplishes this challenging task automatically.
IMG 3: The inline inspection system ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube reduces the handling effort of quality control in corrugated tube production. The magic word is “process-adapted quality control”.