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Perfect waves: New inspection system from PIXARGUS excels as quality checker of corrugated tubing

With the new inline gauge ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube developed by PIXARGUS it is now possible to inspect the complete wavy structure of corrugated tubing gaplessly. Newly developed algorithms enable, for the first time ever, the inspection of so far undetectable areas: not only the peaks and valleys, but also the transition areas in between. This inspection capability reduces out-of-spec production and will cut process costs.

Corrugated tubings have become a multi-talent in machines, instruments and vehicles thanks to their extraordinary flexibility, which is rendered by their wavy structure. The special structure that gives plastic tubing this unique flexibility used to be a very rough terrain for quality inspection systems, because of the challenge of having to deal with a product surface that alternates between plane and curved structures. A reliable surface inspection system must be able to automatically differentiate between the two and inspect them - continuously – according to different specific quality parameters.  All this is now possible with the groundbreaking inspection system ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube (PC7 S CorrugatedTube) developed by PIXARGUS.

An innovative sensor head and new algorithms assure total defect detection
Using the successful technology of its proven PC7 S Tube inspection system, PIXARGUS has developed an entirely new sensor head for corrugated tubing. Eight high-performance cameras capture the surface structure of corrugated tubing from different angles, inspecting not only the peaks and valleys, but also the transition areas. Entirely new algorithmic processes were developed to enhance the software which is now able to detect the change from plane to wavy and vice versa by masking out specific surface structures. This makes even extremely small flaws visible. Holes, dents, blisters, nodes, scratches, fissures or poorly crimped joints will be detected with 100 percent reliability. As a result, out-of-spec production of corrugated tubing can be immediately reduced – as well as the production costs.

PC7 S CorrugatedTube for the inspection of corrugated tubing:  Easily scalable and optimally networkable
PC7 S CorrugatedTube inspects – with highest precision - corrugated tubing of virtually any geometry, surface structures and colors. It is designed for tubing of up to 30 mm of diameter and more. The modularly scalable system can be easily integrated into Industry 4.0 environments and comes with all common interfaces, such as OPC-UA, for example.

Visit PIXARGUS at TUBE 2020: hall 6, booth J09.


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IMG 1: At TUBE 2020, measuring specialist PIXARGUS is going to unveil its new system for the inspection of corrugated and spiral tubing. ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube sets a new standard as it is the first ever inspection system capable of performing high-accuracy inline quality control of flexible tubing.
IMG 2: Entirely new algorithmic processes were developed for the surface inspection of corrugated tubing. Implemented in the inspection software, these algorithms now allow the recognition of the change from plane to wavy, and vice versa, and the masking out of different product structures.
IMG 3: Even flaws too tiny for the human eye to discern are recognized by ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube in a matter of seconds: holes, dents, blisters, nodes, scratches, fissures, for example, or poorly crimped joints are detected with 100 percent reliability.
IMG 4: Don’t waste your time searching! Flaws in the µ range are hardly discernible by the human eye. Checking the quality of a product visually for longer than a few minutes is unreliable due to visual fatigue. It is now possible, for the first time ever, to reliably reduce out-of-spec production of corrugated tubing and cut production costs by means of an automated inspection process.
IMG 5: Also extremely small flaws, like the above shown tiny dent in a protective tubing for electronic wiring in cars, may easily become safety-critical. ProfilControl 7 S CorrugatedTube guarantees 100-percent quality of tubes for automotive engineering and many other demanding applications.