Optical single-piece inspection of cut-to-length or die-cut micro tubing and other small items made of plastics, rubber or metal – performed by a stand-alone, fully automatic inspection unit.

Surface and edge inspection in the inclined freefall mode at a rate of up to 1,000 pieces per min. Any faulty parts with grooves, scratches, dents etc. - or inaccurately cut edges - are sorted out, ensuring that only products 100% checked and perfectly flawless are shipped to the customer.

To ensure that the tubes are checked around their complete circumference from several angles all at the same time, the feeding system is provided with a gap. While the tubes are flying through this gap, their surfaces can be captured by the cameras from all directions.

As soon as the system has detected a defect on the surface or at one of the cut edges, the system displays the defect graphically and sends a signal to the grading system. The ProfilControl 7 Inspection Automat operates so fast that any defective tubing can be removed just a few centimeters behind the measuring head. This makes the system extremely space-saving.

ProfilControl 7 Inspection Automat has been designed to even inspect mirror-finished tubes of diameters between 5 and 20 mm and lengths between 40 and 100 mm.

Features ProfilControl 7 Inspection Automat

Surface inspection

Dimension measuring

Single piece

Highlights of ProfilControl 7 Inspection Automat

PIXARGUS Multi-Camera Sensor Technology

Pixargus high-capacity multi-camera sensors guarantee 100-percent quality control of e.g. simple products such as micro tubes as well as highly demanding precision tubings of up to 10 mm in diameter, which have to comply with extremely exacting surface and edge quality specifications. Scalable system generation with modularly adjustable multi-zone scanning and LED-based lighting elements developed by PIXARGUS.


Innovative inspection in Free Fall mode 

ProfilControl 7 FFI guarantees 100 percent/360° inspection! Single pieces, e.g. micro tubings, are detected while in free fall. The test pieces, fed one after the other into the sensor head, drop past the LED lighting elements and the high-resolution cameras. They are scanned as they are falling, i.e. in real time. The detection process takes place so fast that any faulty pieces are sorted out by a special device just a few centimeters below the measuring head. The optional edge detection feature, which checks both edges of the cut pieces, completes the concept of total quality control, as it guarantees 100 percent inspection of each individual piece.



Intelligent operator guidance via a 21.5” multitouch screen and a clearly structured cockpit displaying all camera images and parameter settings make for easy and swift operation. Comfortable assistance systems, such as the automatic and simplified lighting control and focusing feature, reduce the set-up effort and eliminate operating errors.


“Big Data” becomes “Quality@ Industry 4.0”

ProfilControl 7 is Industry 4.0 ready, as it can be intelligently networked via LAN or other interfaces with additional sensors, measuring systems, PDA and ERP systems, and a PLC environment. It interlinks the quality data measured by the sensors and combines them into an integrated data map. Thus, the user can analyze the results within a coherent context and condense “big data” to what is really needed.


Compact. Robust. Made in Germany.

The housing and wiring of the system have been designed specifically for service under most severe conditions. Thus they easily cope even with high mechanical stress. Tried and tested materials, ergonomic design and precision engineering guarantee longevity and provide security of investment.


Technical data ProfilControl 7 Automat

Measured objectCut-to-length micro profiles/tubing/tubes/cables made of rubber, plastics or metal up to 10 cm long (as standard)
Measuring field≤ 50 mm diameter
Resolution≥ 50 μm
Capacity/throughput rate≤ 1.000 pieces/min, inspection in inclined freefall mode
Camera module8 CMOS cameras
LightingIntegrated high-capacity LED light ring
Unit size (mm)2200 width x 2100 height x 1000 depth (approx. 450kg)
Other specificationsSee data sheet (pdf)

Standard version! Other features on request.