Measuring system assures quality in the inline extrusion of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC/NFC)

Measures all dimensions and geometries. Even deep grooves can be inspected 100%.

PIXARGUS has adapted its best-selling system for the challenging task of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) and NFC (Natural Fiber Composite) inspection. In addition to the profile geometry, the system is particularly suitable for the 100% measurement of critical features, such as deep grooves. Thus, you can be sure that, e.g., the grooved edges of your deck boards are fully automatically inspected, guaranteeing that they will fit perfectly in a decking construction.

100% Quality Control. Gapless. Inline. Automatic.

To ensure that every deck board complies exactly with your quality requirements.

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360° measurement of profile dimensions
such as radii, angles, distances, heights, widths, …

100% inspection of critical features, such as grooved edges, enabled by a special WPC camera adjustment.

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Inline measurement during running extrusion processes – of the continuous product or of single pieces after cutting.

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Networkable & Industry 4.0-ready
thanks to stable OPC UA connection.

Turnkey system
on request customizable to the specific production environment.

High-performance multi-camera sensors with 8 CMOS-cameras and hinged cover (no exterior light effects!)

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Tested and approved to MSA 1 and 3,
the systems fulfill even extremely exacting internal QM requirements.

Fully automatic product change
with start/stop recognition makes handling extremely easy.

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Sturdy design guarantees stable measuring results even under the harshest production conditions.

For up to 250 mm wide products
also available in 90 mm or 170 mm versions for smaller sizes.

Expandable to include surface inspection
to detect blisters, scratches, changes in color, etc., on the product surface.

The Technology

Genuine image processing technology – continuously sophisticated and successfully in service for 25 years.

ProfilControl 7 DX WoodPlasticComposites (WPC) is based on PIXARGUS’ leading key technology for geometry measurement of continuously extruded long products and single, cut-to-length pieces.

High-precision optics and sophisticated algorithms allow ProfilControl 7 DX to handle profile geometries of any kind and complexity. The systems measure features such as distances, angles, radii and combinations thereof through 360° of the product in real time. They instantly indicate any deviation, however small, from the reference profile, allowing the production process to be optimally controlled at all times.

PIXARGUS inspection solutions for profile measurements rank among the most innovative systems worldwide in terms of accuracy and detection rate. They scan, measure and evaluate profiles of simple to highest-complexity geometries and contours and are suitable for versatile use in industrial plants and for a wide range of tasks.

A special WPC cameras adjustment allows to inspect even deep grooves.


Measures radii, angles, distances, heights and widths of any profile geometry.

The reference contours are defined in a user-friendly system editor.