Measuring and testing technology  for simultaneous surface inspection and diameter measurement of hoses, cables, small and large-diameter tubes and composite pipes – now available as a compact, downsized system!

For AllRounDia DualVision, PIXARGUS has optimized and adapted the hardware and software of its successful ProfilControl 7 technology for the measurement of products of plain, round contours. The result is the first low-priced system for round products that detects not only lumps, but also the tiniest surface defects with 100% reliability – performing diameter and ovality measurements at the same time! Two inspection modules within one system – a clear cost advantage.

This low-cost multi-talent has been tested for a wide range of standard applications. Usually, no adjustments have to be made to the system before use. For customers interested in the system, PIXARGUS performs quick specimen tests. The system is delivered ex works with the product data already configured - AllRounDia DualVision is ready to go at the customer’s extrusion line in almost no time.

The system can handle hoses, tubes and cables of any colour or surface, matt or glossy, and even surfaces of translucent and semi-transparent tubes with ease. Even very difficult to detect irregularities and flaws in the material, such as cracks, inclusions and flecks from a size of 0.5 mm up, are reliably detected.

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Features AllRounDia DualVision

Surface inspection

Dimension measuring


Highlights of AllRounDia DualVision

PIXARGUS DualVision Technology

AllRounDia DualVision presents itself with proven inspection­techno­logy in a cost­optimized downsized model: DualVision Techno­­logy combines camera­based laser­triangu­lation with real LED­ surface­inspection. This allows dimen­ sions and surface­ defects to be measured and inspected in one sensor­head - with a clear budget advantage!

User­friendly & intuitive

When it comes to operation, PIXARGUS relies on fast and intuitive user­guidance - directly via the system's 15 cm display or mobile via a tablet. All measurement­ data for dimension­measurement and surface­inspection are clearly shown in a single display.

Big Data" becomes "Quality@ Industry 4.0

AllRounDia DualVision can be intelligently networked via LAN or other interfaces with other sensors, measuring systems, the PDA, the ERP system and a PLC environment - in the sense of Industry 4.0. The system links the quality­ data from the sensors in the offline viewer to create an overall­view. This means that the results are not analyzed in isolation from one another, but are viewed in context, reducing the "big data" to the data that is really needed.

Optional software modules for AllRounDia DualVision


Shiny Surface

Inspects high-gloss surfaces, as of chrome trims. Ideal also for curved surfaces.

What enhances the interior of vehicles or the appearance of stylish household appliances may become a real challenge in quality inspection. High-gloss chrome trims may give objects a dazzling appearance in the true sense of the word. The extremely intensive light reflection makes it very difficult to discern defects on the shiny surface.



To solve this problem, Pixargus’ Shiny Surface module casts structured light onto the high-gloss material surfaces. The pattern of light showing on the surface of the profile suppresses reflection while creating transitions of brightness that allow even extremely small scratches, bubbles or dents to be detected most reliably.

The system follows the exact contour of the product and inspects it over its entire width. The field of vision can be modulated so as to also enable the inspection of curved metal trims.


Technical data AllRounDia DualVision

Inspected itemsHoses, pipes, tubes, cables and rounds of a wide range of materials
Measuring field [opening]5-40 [60] mm in diameter (others on request)
Resolution≥ 50 μm
Measuring accuracy< 10 μ
Repeatability0,01 % of FOV
Sensor system4x CMOS cameras
Lightning unitLEDs and lasers, based on PIXARGUS DualVision technolog
Dimensions (mm)600 x 450 x 150 mm (width x height x depth)
Other specificationsSee data sheet (pdf)

Standard version! - Other features on request.