ProfilControl 7 Tube: For continuous and high-precision surface inspection and ovality measurement (roundness) of tubing, hoses, cables and wire

ProfilControl 7 S Tube has been specially designed for use in production lines for round products such as tubing, hoses, cables, wire, etc. of all kinds of materials. The system provides uninterrupted non-contact inline quality control of continuously running long products, reliably capturing even virtually invisible or difficult-to-detect surface irregularities such as pores, scratches, blisters, inclusions, nodes, necking, deformations, folds in hose sleeves, etc.

Expanded by the DX dimension measurement module, the system additionally measures the complete outside geometry and contour of round products – with highest measuring accuracy. Ovality measurement can be taken at any desired number of measuring points, instantly detecting the tiniest of deviations.

As if that weren’t enough, the new, innovative ICSM module also gets a grip on the interior geometry of round products such as tubes or hoses: In production lines for cut co-extruded hoses or tubes, this unique system measures coating layers and wall thicknesses as well as the rate of recycled material directly at the cutting devices.

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