This new surface inspection system is the first ever system to master the challenging task of inline quality control of flexible tubing such as corrugated and spiral tubes.

What used to be the most difficult terrain for quality inspection has now been successfully solved by PIXARGUS: PC7 Corrugated Tube inspects the entire ring structures of corrugated tubes - not only the peaks and valleys, but the complete transition areas in between - 100%!

Thanks to newly developed hardware and specially designed algorithms, this innovative system can scan the corrugated structure from both sides, enabling nspection not only of the peaks and valleys, but also of the transition areas that conventional systems are unable to capture.

PC7 Surface Corrugated Tube detects surface defects such as holes, blisters, lump defects, scratches, fissures etc. with 100%
reliability over the entire surface area of corrugated tubes. This automated inspection process is a milestone in reducing out-of-spec production of corrugated tubing and cutting production costs.

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Features ProfilControl 7 Surface Corrugated Tube

Surface inspection

Corrugated Tube

Highlights of ProfilControl 7 Surface Corrugated Tube

Expert solution

The detection of surface defects on ring structures used to be extremely difficult terrain for quality control. But now the new PIXARGUS surface inspection system for corrugated tubes handles this task with ease: 100% surface inspection, thanks to a special measuring head design and newly developed algorithms.

Enhanced software features

The challenge: because of the ring structure the surface alternates between plane and curved areas. For the surface inspection of corrugated tubes, entirely new algorithmic processes have now been developed. They enable - for the first time ever – the recognition of transitions from plane to wavy, and vice versa, and the masking out of different product structures.

Inspection that leaves nothing out

Thanks to the special measuring head design, the surface structure of corrugated tubing can be captured from different angles by a total of eight cameras. Never before has it been possible to inspect not only the peaks and valleys, but the complete transition areas in between.

No flaw is left undetected

Even the smallest of defects – holes, dents, blisters, nodes and scratches, for example – can easily cause safety-critical damage. Here, the new surface inspection system for corrugated tubes guarantees 100% reliability. Even crimped joints can be inspected continuously for flaws. Interested? Just get in touch.

Ready for Industrie-4.0

The system can be easily integrated into corporate networks, it is linkable with third- party equipment, e.g. sensors, and it is ready for use within innovative Industry 4.0 environments.

Sturdy for everyday use

Compact, robust, made in Germany: Thanks to its rugged stainless steel construction, ProfilControl 7 S Corrugated Tube operates with maximum reliability and precision even under the most challenging operating conditions - in quality made in Germany.

Optional software modules for ProfilControl 7 Surface Corrugated Tube


Saw Control

Cuts your product to the correct length and cuts out defects with minimal waste.

With its Saw Control module, Pixargus makes cutting-to-length an integrated part of quality control in profile production.

The Saw Control software performs two basic functions. On the one hand, it sets the cutting intervals for the shear. If set at, let’s say, one meter, profiles graded as



defect-free by the quality control system will be continuously cut to this length and discharged from the conveyor belt as ready-to-pack products.

However, in the event that ProfilControl 7 has detected a flaw in the product, Saw Control instantly causes the shear to make an extra cut in real time to remove just the out-of-spec part from the profile.

This minimizes waste and saves time. Thanks to the Saw Control module, out-of spec portions of profiles can be sorted out much faster because the operators immediately recognize them as a short length comes along.


Technical data ProfilControl 7 Surface Corrugated Tube

Inspected itemsCorrugated tubing in various materials
Measuring field35 mm diameter
Resolution≥ 40 μm
Sensors8 CMOS cameras
Illumination unitHigh-performance power-LEDs
Dimensions (mm)1,850 to 2,250 (H) x 550 (W) x 1,350 (D)
Other specificationsSee data sheet (pdf)

Standard version! Other features on request.