Tapping synergies: PIXARGUS becomes part of CiTEX group

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Measuring technology specialist PIXARGUS has successfully evolved from a start-up into a global player in optical inline quality control. Now, the company is intensifying its activities on the US and Asian markets under the umbrella of CiTEX Holding GmbH.

Worldwide, all major manufacturers of automotive rubber profiles use PIXARGUS systems to inspect the surfaces and measure the dimensions of their products. PIXARGUS’ highly successful ProfilControl series is a bestseller in its 7th generation now. The inline systems from the town of Würselen near Aachen in Germany are in use in 24/7 manufacturing environments in a wide range of industries, including construction & engineering, health care products and consumer goods. Formed as a startup at RWTH Aachen University almost 25 years ago, the company has flourished to become the leading supplier of systems for optical inline quality control in extrusion lines. As a subsidiary of CiTEX, PIXARGUS is now moving on to expand and grow further.

Expanding on the US and Asian markets
CiTEX is a group of strong, highly specialized partners cooperating in the field of extrusion technology. While PIXARGUS brings to bear its profound knowhow in optical profile inspection, CiTEX subsidiary iNOEX boasts access to a worldwide customer base and a powerful sales network in the USA and Asia. With their X-ray and radar technology, iNOEX are leading experts in measuring systems for round products, with a focus on tube wall inspection. This is a perfect complement to PIXARGUS’ successful AllRounDia DualVision technology - a camera-based system that performs both outside surface inspection and dimension measurement of tubes and hoses with just one sensor head. The combined momentum of these subsidiaries will further boost CiTEX’ leadership position as a supplier of sensing and measuring technology for extrusion lines.

Quality data from PIXARGUS for enhanced data science
A further strong point of the measuring technology experts from Würselen is their outstanding data competence. At the production lines, the optical systems from PIXARGUS operate within a fully integrated network, using proprietary software and intelligent inspection algorithms. Thus, they can provide important real-time quality data for the line operator. The PIXARGUS systems also integrate third-party sensors, transmit data to downstream processes and can be part of complex automation processes such as control loops. Building on the data know-how provided by PIXARGUS, CiTEX intends to take its R&D activities in the field of data science to the next level by developing advanced, future-oriented and cloud-based solutions for the extrusion industry.

Incubator for innovations
PIXARGUS is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of CiTEX Holding GmbH. Promoting and developing innovative, cross-sectoral technology for industry, in particular the extrusion industry, is the stated mission of CiTEX Holding. The company sees its main role in providing a business and technology platform for its highly specialized subsidiaries and as an incubator for innovations.
Dr. Ralph Klose, CO-CEO of CiTEX Holding GmbH, commenting on the integration of PIXARGUS into the group: “PIXARGUS has excellent product development and consultation expertise, especially in the automotive and profiles markets. Thus, in future, we can jointly support our customers in all aspects of the entire automation cycle.”
PIXARGUS Managing Director, René Beaujean, puts it this way: “The closeness to the other CiTEX companies provides PIXARGUS an excellent strategic position. We have created an ideal basis from which we can all benefit and grow in the future.”


They have developed the start-up PIXARGUS into a global player in inspection technology for profiles: René Beaujean and Dr. Jürgen Philipps, the founders and managing directors of PIXARGUS. The measuring technology experts will use the synergies resulting from being part of the CiTEX group to expand their business in the USA, Asia and China.
On expansion course: With the new group company PIXARGUS, CiTEX Holding is strengthening its position as leading suppliers of sensor and measuring technology for extrusion lines. Dr. Ralph Klose, CO-CEO of CiTEX Holding GmbH, manages the family-owned company based in the town of Melle in Lower Saxony, Germany, in the second generation.
PIXARGUS’ AllRounDia DualVision inline system is the first to inspect both the surface and geometry of tubes and hoses in a single sensor head.